Associate Pastor
Chauncey Brown

The Man
Rev. Chauncey D. Brown, is a native of Indianapolis,
Indiana the "Hoosier State". From a child he exemplified a
love for Christ and the Church. He confessed a hope in
Christ and was baptized at the age of 7 under the auspices
of Pastor Rudolph Mullings. Who at that time was the
Senior Pastor of Rev. Brown's childhood church home,
Martindale Church.  At the age of 16, he professed to
his Pastor that God had called him to the preaching
ministry, although he had already been walking in his
calling, as early as age 12.

The Student and Civic Servant
Rev. Brown attended Providence Cristo Rey High School for his freshman year, where He was the founding
president of the Student Council. As well as a student, He was an athlete, serving as Basketball team captain,
and leading scorer. As educational opportunities emerged, Brown would transfer and graduate with Academic
Honors and also would be selected for the Principal's Advisory Board from Warren Central High School. Brown
is currently enrolled as a student at Crossroad Bible College, where he is studying for both his Associate of
Science (May 2017) and Bachelor of Science (May 2018) in Pastoral Leadership.
A lover of people and the community, Rev. Brown was blessed to serve in a position on the Indiana Youth
Legislative Council in which he was nominated by Indiana State Representative Cherrish Pryor. Rev. Brown
served faithfully on the council, until he aged out of the council. Recently Rev. Brown was extremely active
within the 2016 Presidential election, ensuring that the disenfranchised have a voice at the table.

The Ministry
At the age of 16, a he professed to his Pastor that God had called him to the preaching ministry, although he
had already been walking in his calling, as early as age 12. In 2011, at the age of 17, Rev.C.D.Brown was
blessed and privileged to stand and deliver his licensing sermon, under the leadership of Pastor Ke'tre
L.Dickens, current Pastor of the Martindale Church, to an overwhelmingly large crowd of family, friends, and
church family. Rev. Brown is appreciative of the covering, training, and certification that he received under
Pastor Dickens.  For many years Rev. Brown has been dedicated in ministry at Martindale as a Minister of
Music, Sunday School Teacher, and ministry leader of several ministries and auxiliaries within the church.  From
the time he was called to preach up unto his licensure and beyond, Reverend Brown is blessed to preach
across ethnic and denominational barriers throughout the body of Christ.

Rev. C.D. Brown not only has the gift of the anointing of God on his life, but enjoys the favor of the Lord.
When he was just 12 years old he told, his now wife, Courtney, that he would marry her. It may have been a
crush on a young lady who was 5 years older than he, but as understanding in God evolved, and time went by
God blossomed a friendship, into a wonderful marriage. On September 28, 2013, Rev. C.D. united with his gift
from God, Lady Courtney Brown. Lady Brown is a loving, caring, and compassionate woman of God, who has a
sincere heart for helping others. She is one who has a beautiful voice, one who prays with power, and one who
is faithful to the work that God has begun, and is a second to none ministry partner.  Rev. Brown may do a lot
of things, but realizes that his first ministry is the ministry of marriage.

As God has revealed more to Rev. Brown, he heard the call from God to Pastor. Rev. Brown and Lady Brown
are preparing for the next great move of God. God is preparing Rev. Brown to serve as Pastor to a flock of
God's choice. Alongside Rev. Brown's formal schooling, at Crossroads Bible College, and Pastoral training, Rev.
Brown is also a proud member, and youngest minister of the World Fellowship of Independent Ministries,
where the Presiding Prelate is none other than the Honorable Bishop J. Laverne Tyson.  Bishop Tyson's
mentorship was truly God-sent, and has bolstered the level of ministry that Rev. Brown does. Bishop Tyson
instills in the mindset of this servant an attitude of servitude. Bishop always says, "Son, stay humble, stay
serving, and remember a great ministry is built on your knees." Be encouraged and always remember, God is
on the move.