Elder Phillip Brown Sr.,
The Man

Phillip Brown Sr., is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana the
"Hoosier State".  He exemplifies a love for Christ and the
Church. He confessed a hope in Christ and was baptized at
the age of 38, under the auspices of Pastor Rudolph Mullings,
who was at that time Senior Pastor of Martindale Church of

The Student

Phillip Brown Sr. excelled in formal schooling, and is a proud graduate of the Historic Crispus Attucks High School,
home of the Tigers! It was at Crispus Attucks that Brown became a saxophonist extraordinaire.

The Ministry

On October 6, 1973, Phillip Brown Sr. united with his gift from God, Sister Denise Brown. Sis. Brown is a loving,
caring, and compassionate woman of God, who has a sincere heart for helping others. She is one who prays with
power, and one who is faithful to the work that God has begun, and is a second to none wife and ministry partner.
God honored this biblical marriage with 3 successful children, 5 grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren. As
the Priest of his home, he believes that marriage is his first ministry.

It was in 2006, that God used Pastor Mullings to elevate Phillip to the servanthood of Deacon. As he served faithful
as a Deacon of the Martindale Church of Christ. As time evolved, and Pastor Mullings was to retire; Deacon Brown
continued to serve faithfully through the transitioning of leadership and the arrival of Pastor Ke’tre L. Dickens, M.A.
R. It was not far after the arrival of our current Pastor that Deacon Brown was sure that God had called him to the
preaching ministry. After much preparation and training Deacon Brown, became Minister Brown after ministering his
licensing sermon. As God continued to use Minister Brown, the next great move of God would happen; Minister Phil
Brown, was ordained as an Elder of the Martindale Church. Elder Phil Brown Sr. was ordained by Pastor Ke’tre L.
Dickens of the Martindale Church, to an overwhelmingly large crowd of family, friends, and church family. Elder
Brown is appreciative of the covering, training, and certification that he received under Pastor Dickens.  For many
years to come, Elder Brown is humbled to be a servant in the Kingdom of God.
2402 Dr. Andrew J. Brown Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205