Sister Judy Coleman
blessed all the
mothers with
beautiful gifts bags
and ribbons.

  • Dedicated mother of three beautiful children
    who lead the church in the Sowers Creed every

  • Cares about community by hosting back-to-
    school activities yearly

  • Loves and honors her parents

  • Exemplifies a beautiful spirit

Karen Burgess, mother of Christina was also
acknowledged for her beautiful spirit and blessings to

Sister LaShaye Clark acknowledges Mother Jones for
her awesome Christian example of love and kindness.

First Lady Shawna,
dedicated mother of four
was acknowledged for her
example of dedication, love
and service to others.
2016 Mother of the Year, Camille Thomas and
Pastor Ke'tre Dickens honor
Christina Burgess
MCC 2017 Mother of the Year!
      2402 Dr. Andrew J. Brown Avenue.............Indianapolis, Indiana 46205......317-926-0608